May 1992

Friday May 1, London           No rain – for a change – but a chilly north-west breeze blowing as Jimmy and I went down by train to Greenwich. We got off at Maze Hill and walked through the park to the Maritime Museum. There were hundreds of schoolchildren milling about on the lawns wearing cardboardContinue reading “May 1992”

April 1992

Thursday April 2, Paris           France waits for a new Prime Minister. Edith Cresson is assumed to have tendered her resignation but there’s no announcement of her successor. Libération expresses the impatience with the headline: “Et alors ?…” But you can hardly expect a Prime Minister to resign on April Fool’s Day, now can you?Continue reading “April 1992”

January 1992

Thursday January 2, Paris           Le Bourget, grey dawn: factories with saw-tooth roofs and windowless walls all along the track, railway wires, pylons, stationary vehicles. The name ‘BABCOCK’ in man-high letters over the cornice of an ancient stone-and-glass façade. The factory was once someone’s pride and joy. Industrial architects lost sleep and the sympathy ofContinue reading “January 1992”